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Designed by coaches, for coaches. Connected Performance gives you the freedom to provide world-class training without losing hours to inefficient systems.
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Save Time

Create training programs faster with an intuitive builder and extensive baseball-specific exercise library.

Track What Matters

See valuable insights like offseason pitch command, player workload, movement improvements, and more.

Personalize Training

Easily adjust exercises and schedules based on assessments and performance unique to each player.

Connect is game changer. It has allowed me to stay organized with my athletes' programming both in season and out of season. The platform also allows me to seamlessly coordinate plans with skill work and strength & conditioning. The metrics allow me to show real data to recruits and current players.

Adam Vasil
Pitching Coach
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Connected Performance's intuitive interface and powerful features have streamlined our operations, making it an essential tool in our pursuit of excellence. It has not only simplified our processes but also raised our training standards, making it an indispensable asset for coaches and sports organizations

Tyler Keysor
Revolution Sports Performance
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Connected Performance has been a great source in learning how pitchers move and develop. Their insight has been a big part of the programming of my athletes at the collegiate level.

Jason Burke
Lander University
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Utilizing the Connect coaching platform has drastically improved my ability to schedule my athlete’s training programs. The software is reliable, easy to use, and an overall great experience for athletes and coaches. If you are searching for a coaching platform for your in-person or remote athletes, look no further than Connected Performance!

Reeves Martin
Martin Pitching Performance
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Helping Build Elite Programs
Built for Baseball

The most advanced baseball training program on the market

Role-Based Access

Distinct permissions for admins, coaches, and athletes ensure appropriate access and functionality for every user.

In-App Messaging

Foster collaboration and support through built-in chat functionalities, file sharing, and a dedicated file room for comprehensive file management and analysis.
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Resource Database

Share valuable documents and resources with athletes through a centralized repository.

Personalized Interface

Customize color schemes, apply white labeling with your logo, and adjust dashboard settings for a personalized look and feel.
Save Time

Build personalized programs and schedules faster

Flexible Scheduling

Tailor your experience with scalable dashboards suitable for individuals or organizations, showcasing weekly workouts and in-depth session data.

Program Templates

Oversee user profiles with options to modify account access, caloricintake, and dashboard data visibility

Workout & Exercise Library

Expand your training repertoire with a comprehensive exercise database and a robust workout builder, including CSV import capabilities.

User Management

Oversee user profiles with options to modify account access, caloric
intake, and dashboard data visibility
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Advanced Reporting

Complete insight into player development and performance

Customizable Dashboard

Tailor your experience with scalable dashboards suitable for individuals or organizations, showcasing weekly workouts and in-depth session data.

Custom Assessments

Design assessments for various movements, lifts, or skills to suit
specific training needs.

Daily Questionnaires

Stay updated on athlete conditions with easy-to-use daily check-ins.

Nutrition Tracker

Monitor and log meal plans, macros, and nutritional intake to support athlete health and performance.
Nextiles Integration

Baseline Arm Health with Nextiles & Connect Platform

Nextiles is a leader in smart fabric technology for coaches and athletes. The Connect Platform integrates seamlessly with Nextiles sleeves, automatically tracking all key data and uploading it right into the app for you to track with no hassle
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How we stack up

Train Heroic
Customizable Dashboard
Workout Builder
Robust software with rep max progressions, supersets, alternate exercises
Data Tracking
Various Technologies
progress tracking and reporting
Not for athlete view
Advanced tracking including performance reporting, leaderboards
Third Party CSV Imports
Open API
Custom Development
Nutrition Tracking
Personalized Meal Plans, MyFitnessPal Integration
Available for Development
File Room with Video Comparison & Scrubber
Slow motion scrub, file comparison
Only Video Storage
Only Video Storage
Only Video Storage
Only Video Storage
Command Tracker
Nextiles API Integration
Customizable Assessments & Questionnaires
Available for Development
Chat Function with File Sharing
Internal Chat
In-App Messaging
In-App Messaging
Template Scheduling
Mobile App
Progressive Web App (Yes)
$200/20 athletes (basis) $400/20 athletes Unlimited - roughly 20k
$400/month for500 athletes
Upwards of $60k a year
Connect Platform

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The numbers speak for themselves. We are dedicated to helping players advance their careers and succeed no matter their level.


Everything you need to know about the Connect Platform Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our team.
If I run a private facility can I still use Connect?
Yes. Training facilities and travel ball organizations use our Connect platform.
Can I customize fields and metrics?
Yes. You can tailor your dashboard to fit your coaching style.
Why would I pay for your software when I can use Google Sheets?
Connect offers a consolidated approach to programming.  Our solution gives you and your athletes transparency on what is expected on a daily basis and a look at long term progressions.

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