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Will I need to purchase additional training equipment?
Yes. Training equipment is determined based upon the athlete’s individual needs. Typically our athletes use a Durathro Sock, Plyos, and resistance bands.
What separates you from other training programs?
We take a holistic approach to your development. Not only is the entire program individualized based on your specific needs but we also focus on building relationships with each athlete.
Can I play and train at the same time?
Yes. Depending upon where you are at in your season or development we will meet your needs regardless of the situation. We have programmed athletes throughout their college fall and spring season as well as their professional season.
How often do I talk to my coach?
You can communicate via call, text, or email as much as you’d like with your coach.  Our goal is to build a strong personal relationship with each client, therefore, we are committed to the level of communication and service you prefer.
How old do I have to be to train?
As athletes begin to mature training requirements begin to heighten. With Connected Performance a typical training day can last up to two hours.  If you feel you are ready for that commitment, email training@connected-performance.com to find a regimen that fits you.
What results can you guarantee?
None.  However, the athletes who follow the program day in and day out have seen fantastic results.  This program is not a pill that will magically fix all your problems.  We are committed to building life long relationships with our athletes and will do any research to develop them.  All we ask is that you have a growth mindset and a relentless work ethic.
If I run a private facility can I still use Connect?
Yes. Training facilities and travel ball organizations use our Connect platform.
Can I customize fields and metrics?
Yes. You can tailor your dashboard to fit your coaching style.
Why would I pay for your software when I can use Google Sheets?
Connect offers a consolidated approach to programming.  Our solution gives you and your athletes transparency on what is expected on a daily basis and a look at long term progressions.

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